Peer-reviewed Publications

*indicates student I mentored during the project

Cindicates corresponding authorship

2020     Rowe, AC, K. Abuyen*, B. Lam*, B. Kruger, C. Casar, M. Osuburn, M. El-Naggar, J. Amend. (2020) Electrochemical evidence for in situ microbial activity at the Deep Mine Microbial Observatory (DeMMO), South Dakota, USA. Geobiology (accepted Oct, 2020, shared first authorship)

2019     Karbelkar, A.*, A. RoweC, M. El-NaggarC. An Electrochemical Investigation of Interfacial Electron Uptake by the Sulfur Oxidizing Bacterium Thioclava electrotropha ElOx9., Electrcochemica Acta. 324: 134838.

2019     Rowe A.C, S. Xu, E. Gardel, A. Bose, P. Girguis, J. Amend, M. El-Naggar. (2019). Methane-linked mechanisms of electron uptake from cathodes by Methanosarcina barkeri. mBio 10(2): e02448-18. DOI: 10.1128/mBio.02448-18

2019     Lam, B.*, C. Barr*, A. Rowe, K. Nealson. (2019) Differences in Applied Redox Potential on Cathodes Enrich for Diverse Electrochemically Active Microbial Isolates from a Marine Sediment. Fronteirs in Microbiology. 10:1979.

2018     Rowe, A.C, P. Rajeev, A. Jain, S. Pirbadian, A. Okamoto, J. Gralnick, M. El-Naggar, K. Nealson, (2018) Tracking Electron Uptake from a Cathode into Shewanella Cells: Implications for Energy Acquisition from Solid-Substrate Electron Donors. mBio 9(1): e02203-17. DOI: 10.1128/mBio.02203-17

2018     Okamoto, A. , A. Rowe, X. Deng, K. Nealson, K (2018). Self-Standing Electrochemical Set-up to Enrich Anode-respiring Bacteria On-Site. Journal of Visual Experiments 24(37). doi: 10.3791/57632 

2018     Heavner, G., C. Mansfeldt, G. Debs, S. Hellerstedt, A. Rowe, R. Richardson. (2018). Biomarkers’ Responses to Reductive Dechlorination Rates and Oxygen Stress in Bioaugmentation Culture KB-1TM. Microorganisms 6(1):13.

2018     Lam, B.*, A. Rowe, K. Nealson. (2018) Variation in electrode redox potential selects for different microorganisms under cathodic current flow from electrodes in marine sediments. Environmental Microbiology 20(6): 2270-2287.

2018     Chang, R.* L. Bird, C. Barr*, M. Osburn, E. Wilbanks, K. Nealson, A. Rowe.C (2018) Thioclava electrotropha sp. nov., a versatile electrode and sulfur-oxidizing bacterium from marine sediments. International Journal of Systemic and Evolutionary Microbiology 68: 1652-1658.

2017     Rowe, A.C, M. Yoshimura, D. LaRowe, L. Bird, J. Amend, K. Nealson, A. OkamotoC. (2017) In situ electrochemical enrichment and isolation of a magnetite-reducing bacterium from a high PH serpentinizing spring. Environmental Microbiology 19(6): 2272-2285.

2017     Young, E., I. Kohl, B. Sherwood-Lollar, G. Etiope, D. Rumble III, S. Li, M. Haghnegahdar, E. Schauble, K. McCain, D. Foustoukos, C. Sutclife, O. Warr, C. Ballentine, T. Onstott, H. Hosgormez, A. Neubeck, J. Marques, I. Pérez-Rodríguez, A. Rowe, D. LaRowe, T. Bryndzia. (2017) The relative abundances of resolved 12CH2D2 and 13CH3D and mechanisms controlling isotopic bond ordering in abiotic and biotic methane gases. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 203:235-264.

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2016     Masfeldt, C., G. Heavner, A. Rowe, B. Hayete, B. Church, R. Richardson. (2016) Inferring gene networks for strains of Dehalococcoides highlights conserved relationships between genes encoding core catabolic and cell-wall structural proteins. PLOSone, 11: e0166234.

2015     Rowe, A.C, P. Chellamuthu*, B. Lam*, A. Okamoto, K. Nealson. (2015) Marine sediments microbes capable of electrode oxidation as a surrogate for lithotrophic insoluble substrate metabolism. Frontiers in Microbiology, 5:784.

2015     Rowe, A.C, C. Mansfeldt, G. Heavner, R. Richardson. (2015) Relating mRNA and protein biomarker levels in a Dehalococcoides and Methanospirillum-containing community. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 99(5): 2312-23279.

2014     Mansfeldt, C., A. Rowe, G. Heavner, S. Zinder, R. Richardson. (2014) Meta-Analyses of Dehalococcoides mccartyi Strain 195 Transcriptomic Profiles Identify a Respiration Rate-Related Gene Expression Transition Point and Interoperon Recruitment of a Key Oxidoreductase Subunit. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 80(19): 6062-6072. DOI: 10.1128/AEM.02130-14

2013     Rowe, A.C, C. Mansfeldt, G. Heavner, R. Richardson. (2013) Methanospirillum respiratory mRNA biomarkers correlate with hydrogenotrophic methanogenesis rate during growth in competition with organochlorine-respiring Dehalococcoides in a mixed culture. Environmental Science and Technology 47: 372-381.

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2008     Rowe, A., B. Lazar, R. Morris, R. Richardson. (2008) Characterization of a dechlorinating mixed culture: community structure and comparisons of gene expression in planktonic and biofloc-associated Dehalococcoides and Methanospirillum. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 74 (21): 6709-6719. DOI: 10.1128/AEM.00445-08

2005     Rowe, A., A. Pringle. (2005) Morphological and Molecular evidence of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Costa Rican Epiphytic Bromeliads. Biotropica 37(2): 245-250.

2002     Ohkawa, T., A. Rowe, L. Volkman. (2002) Identification of six Autographa californica Multicapsid Nucleopolyhedrovirus early genes that mediate nuclear localization of G-actin. Journal of Virology 76 (23): 12281-12289. DOI: 10.1128/JVI.76.23.12281-12289.2002