PI: Dr. Annette R. Rowe (Annie)

I fell into my love of the microbial world at a young age. In my youth being the offspring of two physicians, I found myself fascinated with the microbes (mainly viruses and bacteria) that can wreak havoc on our bodies. However, these pathogens really make up a small (though not unimportant) part of the microbial world. And the unseen majority of microbes can often have profound effects, that are essential to our lives and the health of our planet. Combining this realization with discovering a real love for molecular biology and biochemistry, the pursuit of studying microbes and their metabolism became obvious—because that is where all the crazy cool stuff is happening. The diversity of microbes and their corresponding physiologies or metabolisms (things they eat and breath) are numerous, and I’m pretty sure will keep my busy for as long time.

My research history has been very cross-disciplinary, though my focus has always been on the microbial world. I’ve worked in laboratory settings and performed research in Molecular and Cell biology, Ecology and Evolution, Environmental Engineering, Soil Sciences, Marine Ecology, Earth Sciences and most recently Biophysics.

LabTech: Leah Trutschel 

Although I love most aspects of biology, microbiology is the top tier for me. I spent time as an undergrad in a lab that studied Archaea and fell in love with extremophiles. My interests are primarily in microbial ecology-how microbes act with one another and their environment. My goal is to understand how some of these organisms co-exist and survive in these exceptional places.

When I’m not working with microorganisms, you can probably find me birding.

 Astrobiology, Bioremediation, Ecology in MicrobesElectromicrobiology, Environmental Microbiology, and Geomicrobiology